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GRS Certification

What is GRS Certification?


GRS Certification, also known as the Global Recycled Standard Certification, is an internationally recognized and voluntary certification that verifies compliance with third-party requirements for recycled materials, responsible supply chain practices, social and environmental considerations, and chemical substance regulations. It ensures that the finished product meets the standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

ISO Certifications (9001:Quality, 14001:Environment)

What is ISO Management System Certification?


ISO Management System Certification refers to the "product quality system standard" developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) based in Geneva, Switzerland. It aims to address trade barriers arising from variations in industrial standards among countries by establishing and promoting globally recognized common industrial standards.

Inno-Biz Certification

What is Inno-Biz Certification?


Inno-Biz Certification recognizes technologically innovative SMEs with competitive advantages based on their technological superiority. It emphasizes future growth and innovation rather than past performance.

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