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ESG Management

Health and Safety Policy

At Ecotech RM, we consider the safety and health of every employee as our top priority throughout our business operations. We recognize the importance of establishing a comprehensive safety and health management system that complies with laws and regulations.


Our aim is to ensure that all employees work in a safe and comfortable environment.

To achieve this, we continuously strive for improvement through the following

safety and health activities:


We establish a robust safety and health management system in our workplace, providing sufficient human and material resources for identifying and controlling hazards.


We set safety and health objectives and develop detailed action plans to achieve them.


We establish internal regulations to ensure compliance with safety and health laws and relevant regulations, and we diligently adhere to them.


Through employee participation, we identify and address hazards, ensuring that they are promptly resolved. We also share knowledge through education and training programs.


We raise awareness among all members about the hazards related to their job responsibilities, providing education and training on hazard elimination, substitution, and control techniques.


We enforce compliance with our safety and health policies and requirements for all suppliers and contractors.


We expect all members to faithfully fulfill their responsibilities and obligations regarding safety and health activities.


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