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Reporting Center

Ecotech RM actively listens to and addresses the concerns, opinions, and grievances of all stakeholders, including employees and external parties. By continuously improving based on these inputs, Ecotech RM strives to achieve human rights protection, improvement of working environments, prevention of legal and ethical violations, and enhancement of overall satisfaction. To facilitate this, Ecotech RM operates a reporting channel.

The reporting channel at Ecotech RM aims to promptly resolve matters received through the stages of receipt, resolution, and feedback. The following are the areas eligible for reporting and disclosure:

  1. Violation of ethical codes and regulations

  2. Cases of corruption

  3. Violation of human rights and workplace harassment

  4. Complaints regarding transactions and violations of fair trade practices

  5. Grievances

  6. Other illegal and unfair practices

Ecotech RM has implemented a whistleblower protection program, which includes the following measures:

  1. Direct receipt and communication of results by the legal and audit teams

  2. Ensuring strict confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity and reported information upon request

  3. Prohibition of any adverse treatment or discrimination based on legitimate whistleblowing

  4. If any adverse consequences result from whistleblowing, the whistleblower can request corrective actions and protection, ensuring the minimization of negative impacts

  5. Equal protection is provided to individuals who cooperate during the process of verifying facts through statements, provision of evidence, and other means

  6. Individuals involved in unlawful and unethical acts may receive reduced sanctions if they voluntarily report the facts related to their involvement

Ecotech RM values customer feedback and is committed to continuous improvement of its corporate culture and service enhancement. Thank you.






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